Would You Have Your Builder Over For Christmas Dinner?

Notice how the start of the relationship with your builder, can be incredible, however sometimes by the end of the project, you are so disgruntled with your dream home, you don’t even want to take their calls anymore.

They promised the world and delivered a letterbox! 

You had been promised that every step would be taken care of, each decision would be guided and you would have a home that you just couldn’t wait to come back to. However, what you received in reality, was a project that blew over budget, lack of communication and a home that you now have a bigger mortgage on than planned.

It doesn’t have to be like this…

Your relationship with your builder, can be one that you create initially and literally can last for years, to the point that you actually would invite them over for Christmas Dinner!

Well, that is certainly the case with us. We often get our clients contacting us and asking us to come over for wine, or a BBQ, as they feel we have over delivered on their expectations, they are still married because of it and they absolutely ‘love where they live.’

We hold our clients hands every step of the way, as we Project Manage the entire build, from start to finish and because we warrant our work, we are there for you whenever you need us.

And yes, we still take your call after we hand you your keys.

So, if you have heard stories from your friends about how angry they are with their builders, or you yourself have experienced a bad building relationship, maybe it’s time you give us a call on 07 3823 4116.

We have many clients you can chat to about our service, before, during and after your home is handed over.

We just want you to ‘LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE’.