We are builders that offer the complete package


Newman Homes carry out all the earthworks to our high standards to ensure the right land falls and drainage is achieved. No more discrepancies between sub contractors and the builder. We also remove all excess soil at the end of the project so you are left with a clean slate to create your dream garden.


Many new homes and renovations require steel beams for additional support or to enable greater spans for useable space. Our in house Newman Steel and Fabrication Division caters to your needs with high quality beams and structural steel where needed. We also manufacture Aluminium Fence Paneling, Window Hoods and a range of décor products to provide long -term solutions for your dream home.


Most building companies subcontract many activities in the effort to control fixed labor costs and in todays economic environment, this would appear to be a logical precaution. This practice however contradicted the Newman Homes core values of high quality products and services. This was particularly evident when addressing interruption of our customer’s lifestyles when renovating their homes. We had little control over delivery and scheduling of critical components. The answer of course was to bring that capability in house and we are proud to be able to offer the complete package.