When UP, Is The Only Option

You love the area you live in, problem is, your block is tiny and you have run out of space! Extending is just not possible, unless you want to be eating dinner with your neighbours…

There is another way and that is Up…

We have helped many clients ‘raise up and build under’ and here are some things to consider that may work for you as well.

We get asked a lot, ‘so how much will it cost to raise our home and build under’. Hmmm, we can’t give a ballpark figure as there are so many things to consider.

For example, have you ever thought of these things?

  1. Your kitchen could be a new bedroom – have you considered this? We did this recently for a client – very cool.
  2. Which floor would you live in? Now that you have 2, did you know that you can have all the living areas downstairs and bedroom upstairs, or what about the other way around if you have an awesome view?
  3. Ever wanted a laundry chute – that’s possible now too!
  4. How about mixing old with new, so you retain the look but get the brand new kitchen you’ve always wanted. No more handles falling off…

Imagine finally having an area that is exclusively yours, as your kids have a play room now and you can sit down at the end of the night without tripping over toys, the x-box remote or god forbid… nappies!

You can now run a bath in your new bathroom, that is big enough for both of you at the same time.

Some of our clients have been told it’s cheaper to knockdown and build a high end spec home, but just be careful and check what that actually includes. Most display villages are kitted out with high end spec homes, but when you actually build the home, it comes with the basic inclusions. It sometimes can be more cost effective to work with what you have.

That is where expert advise from a Master Builder like Mark Newman comes in very handy! Someone who has held a hammer since the age of 16, has seen more nails than you ever want to and has renovated and built so many homes over the years, that his clients now just ‘love where they live.’

The best news of all, is that when you deal with a builder that gives you fixed priced renovations, you can go into the project with absolute confidence.

Now that’s exciting.