The Sloping Block That Cost A Client $30,000 More And How To Avoid It!

You are driving around your favourite neighbourhood and stumble onto a vacant block, surrounded by houses you love and it has just been listed for sale!

Only problem is… it has a huge slope on it!

Your heart skips a beat, as the thought of building your dream home in this area, has been a desire of yours for years and now you are not so sure. You have heard horror stories from people, about the extra huge costs that can occur when dealing with a sloping block.

Well, we have good news for you! It doesn’t have to cost anymore.

It comes back to choosing the right builder for your specific needs. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Choose a builder who has their own equipment, as this ensures the price you get, is a fixed one, not a crystal ball experience!
  • Get a fixed quote from the builder, which they can only do if they own their own equipment
  • Deal with a builder who has their own builders license as this way they have full responsibility of the project and insurances
  • Make sure you contact your builder and get them to do a site inspection with you. This normally takes an hour.
  • Ask your builder to get some plans done up, so you can see the full scope of the project costs
  • Be mindful of the cheapest quote! Sometimes they don’t include everything in there, so they can win the job and then they add things in along the way. This can blow your costs out considerably.

The last thing you want to have happen is, to get part way through the excavation works and get a letter in the mail from your builder with an invoice for extra costs, especially when it has a number and 4 zeros behind it!

The key to making an informed decision, is to make contact with a reputable builder sooner rather than later. Start building the trusted relationship, that can carry you throughout the entire project and ultimately ending up with you being handed the keys to your dream home.

Imagine that! Imagine the next time you drive into the neighbourhood you love, into the street you love and pull into your OWN driveway

Then you will really love where you live!