Imagine Having Christmas Lunch, On Your Own Slab!

There is nothing better than inviting the family over, to a make-shift living room for Christmas lunch, on the slab of your soon to be, dream home. Imagine that!

Building your new dream home takes time. Well to do it properly anyway!

It’s not just a matter of a few months to go through the entire process, it can take that time to go through the contract, design and certification process before we even dig the site.

We would rather equip you with the right information and help you make an informed decision on when to start, than lead you on and tell you that you could be in your dream home by Christmas.

Did you know that these are some of the steps involved, when building your new home:

  • Enquiry: Enquiry made to a reputable Master Builder
  • Plans: Detailed discussion around your plans
  • Draftsman: Prepares plans and coordinates with you and your builder until approved
  • Engineering:  Plans are drawn up
  • Quote:  Prepared and submitted to client for review
  • Contracts:  Prepared and signed by clients
  • Certification:  The process begins
  • Once all approvals and contracts are signed, works begin on your new home

So as you can see, there are a lot of steps to building your new home and we would love to start by Christmas, so you can have Christmas on your block!

This is not a process you want to rush, as you will be in your dream home for some time, so make sure you take your time choosing a master builder who you can deal directly with, discuss all your requirements of your home and wish list items and start the process now!

It won’t be long before you are moving into your home and truly ‘loving where you live’ and that’s all we want for you.