Imagine A Bigger Mortgage, But Less Repayments – WHAT?


We are getting so many enquiries now, as the interest rates make it so possible for you to finally renovate your home, refinance and potentially pay less than you are now. 

We contacted a trusted Mortgage Broker, Fiona Hills from Mortgage Broker Brisbane and got some great points for you, here is what she said.

  • With interest rates being so low, it is a very good time to capitalize on this, bringing further equity into your property
  • My clients aren’t waiting and saving, or paying down their mortgages before they renovate, what they are doing now is coming to me with plans from a reputable builder like Newman Homes and we are finding them the best finance deal in the market and often, even though their overall mortgage amount is higher, their weekly repayment amount is only slightly higher or sometimes less!
  • It is predicted that in the next few years the market will shift, so my clients are renovating now so that when it does, their property has even more equity in it and then they have a choice of selling or borrowing against it to start their investment portfolio.

We found some great points here from Fiona and if you want to have a quick chat with her, give her a buzz on 0400 537 196 today and tell her we said Hi.

Remember, the key to making all this work, is knowing exactly what you want to achieve, having our Master Builder Mark Newman pop around and give you some ideas and then we can get your plans drawn up, so when you see Fiona, you are ready!

Imagine, in just a few short months, you could be in your new or renovated home, potentially paying less than you are now… and really ‘loving where you live’.

Now that’s exciting!