Feeling Squashed? Maybe It’s Time To Raise Up And Build Under.

Imagine turning the key to your newly renovated Queenslander and not falling over your teenage kids.


Because they now have their own space downstairs, with their own kitchenette, media room, teenage retreat and most importantly, TV remote!

As you wander upstairs to your parents retreat, you enter your large walk in room and place your bag on the custom made bag rack, before tucking your shoes away on the pull out shoe rack. You turn around and stride into your en-suite to run your bath and a flash back of your old bathroom comes to mind.

You remember the days, not that long ago, that 2 steps took you from your toilet to your wardrobe and it was a one person space at best of times!

As you get changed, you open up your laundry shoot and pop your clothes in. Oh how easy was that!

As you walk down the corridor on your new mahogany floorboards, the sound of the old world charm you fell in love with all those years ago, is still there softly in the background. You look out through your spacious kitchen onto your verandah that you have dreamed about for years and can now see the views of the neighbourhood, which drew you to the area in the first place.

As you flick the kettle on, which sits on your nice stone bench top, you start to feel a little chill and remember that you can now reach for the remote to your split system air conditioning and within a few minutes, that cozy warm feeling comes over you.

You snuggle into your lounge, over looking your verandah with your fur baby at your feet and now start to feel that overwhelming feeling of joy, your newly renovated Queenslander is giving you.

Because you now have insulation, you don’t have to leave the heater on for long, so as you head to your scullery to get some things out for dinner, you flick the heater off. Reaching down to your pot drawer, you remember the poky cupboards with handles that used to fall off in your hand.

Those days are gone. Even though you had to move out for a few months, whilst the renovations took place, you just can’t believe how perfect your renovated Queenslander now is and can’t ever imagine leaving it.

However, you also know that because it is now so wonderful, one day you may get a knock on the door from someone who just ‘has to have it’ and the price they offer may tempt you to do it all over again somewhere else!

Isn’t it great that you will now have the choice. But until then, just sit back, relax and enjoy your home. Soak up the sunshine on your new deck and enjoy your home…